Technical Writing Services

Service Ideology

Technical writing deals with written form of literature or information that is used in the technical fields. This includes engineering, computer hardware and software, robotics, electronics and aeronautics. These subjects require a detailed interpretation of the product including instructions, explanation and directions to use. Technical writers usually prepare instruction manuals, articles and documents to convey the complex technical information helping the reader solve a problem.

Strategic and Tactical Planning

Technical Writing defines a process of projecting a subject or a business that engages with the user. It not only includes technical writing, but also additional set of skills such as user experience design, web design and knowledge of software applications. Technical writers work along with other professionals with the goal of creating organized content and maintaining the quality of the product documentation for better user assistance.

Strategy development

  • User Documentation
  • Online Help
  • Installation Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Release Notes

Looking for a Professional Technical Writing Consultant?

User Documentation

Red Chilli Solutions is a leading provider of high quality technical documentations and end-to-end documentation service. Being skilled in information design, our writers can tailor to the needs and focus on the target audience. We have various services available, which without a doubt produces user guides of professional and exceptional level catering to the requirements.

Online Help

Online help basically deals as a major advantage to the users. It brings the solution directly to your fingertips! The text files containing the core content is linked directly to the computer application for easy access. This enables the user to get instant help regarding any issue or task that they haven’t been able to complete. We, here at Red Chilli Solutions, use RoboHelp and other tools to create these online help files.

Installation Guide

What is so special about our installation guide? We make sure the manual we develop for your products bring better user adoption and completely cuts down dependency on the technical support forum. We carefully provide step-by-step information regarding the proper instalment of the software as well as information regarding the hardware requirements, helping the user understand the parameters before and at the time of its installation.

Quick Start Guide

We provide a quick start guide for better comprehension. These guides tend to answer all the queries in a simple but short introductory manner for every product. It gives an overview of the product or equipment in a nutshell, saving time for the user and giving potentially all important information about it.

Release Notes

Release Notes provide information on the features that are being released with the product. It helps users to understand whether the product is appropriate for them and the features that they require.

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