Service Ideology

Discover and leverage our e-Learning expertise to design customized learning experiences for your employees. We develop engaging courses with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that will run across platforms and devices to enable self-paced flexible learning sessions.

Strategic and Tactical Planning

To connect better with the teams, we enable you to localize your communication by creating courseware with language options that caters to teams across geographies.

Manage and monitor employee training sessions and evaluations automatically across locations and offices for large and small groups alike. The modules come equipped with an appropriate assessment module that will grade the individual.

Strategy Development

  • Level 1: Basic Presentation
  • Level 2: Visual Detailing
  • Level 3: Integration
  • Level 4: Implementation

Course OfferingsWe offer four levels of instructional designs for the modules in accordance with the course material, visual quality and desired level of interactivity.

Level 1: Basic Presentation
The module course content is simply presented with representative images with basic functionalities.
Level 2: Visual Detailing
The module is designed with more visual detailing with images and 2D graphics illustrations with guided audio (optional) for enhanced engagement.
Level 3: Integration
These modules integrate video clips, graphic elements and audio to impart specific learning, ideal for safety modules, mechanical learning and imparting spatial orientation.
Level 4: Implementation
These modules incorporate complex 3D visuals, video and graphic elements for a rich learning experience. They also incorporate theme based games and interactive quizzed to enhance retention. The participant is guided through the module by an illustrated character complete with an audio feature. This makes delivery of mundane and technical information engaging and interesting.

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