Service Ideology

Localization is the process of adapting a product to a specific market culture and language. However, it includes various other services and not just translation as one of its elements. Language translation is one of the major part of localization. Here are a few other services that tag along with localization.

* Using proper formats for the date, time and addresses of the local regions
* Keeping in mind the local regulations
* Addressing the legal requirements
* Modification of the content to tailor to the habits of other markets

Strategic and Tactical Planning

The localization and language services market has become a global market with an increase in the growth rate by seven percent. It is now considered as one of the fastest growing industries. The most important thing to be considered is the fact that since the expansion and scope is increasing day-by-day, the opportunities in every business function such as marketing or accounting is now in a lot of demand.

We realize that your product/service is a success in terms of being localized when it appears to have been developed in the local market. Various other factors such as national holidays, gender roles and geographic references will also be considered.

Strategy Development

  • Internalization
  • Globalization
  • Localization

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Three processes – Internalization , globalization and localization sum up the entire service. Internalization basically comprises the planning and preparation of the product.

The second phase is localization which is adapting the product according to the requirements of the local markets. By the end of each phase, a quality check is done to ensure whether the product works properly and meets the expectations of the client.

Globalization is a process which designs the product in such a manner that the work load for every localization process is reduced to minimal. It is similar in computing, the computer software is adapted to different languages, regional differences and technical requirements of the local market.

Thus, the software is internationalised catering to the specific region by adding of local specific components and texts.

Localization is a cycle of many things put together, not just a single entity. There is continuous monitoring and modifications in this process-throughout. Therefore it is essential and integral for all the globalization processes to undergo and be open to any changes. We at Red Chilli Solutions ensure the services for the localization and translation of the documents will be reproduced as per your requirements and expectations. Working with us, will save your time and energy and help create better strategies to expand your business.

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